Caring Therapies is here to offer you a professional, dedicated and, most importantly, caring service.

I offer a range of relaxation services, based on a hypnotherapeutic approach. The stress management and relaxation techniques that Caring Therapies offers can have a lasting effect.  Sessions can support a range of issues or individual goals.

Here is just a sample of what I can help you with:

-Developing healthier eating habits
-Stopping smoking
-Improving sleep
-Overcoming emotional issues, such as anxiety disorders or depression
-Managing long-term pain
-Improving self-esteem and confidence
-Overcoming fears and phobias
-Increasing motivation/overcoming procrastination
-Releasing inner barriers which may be holding you back from success!

In addition to this, I am especially passionate about using hypnotherapy techniques to aid mothers to be. The easibirthing technique I offer can help women and also their partners to ensure that the birth is a positive experience. Click here to read more about the benefits of easibirthing and how it can help you!

I offer services to meet your needs either;
-On a one to one basis
-As a couple
-In a small group

Most clients visit me at my home, but I can also come to you at either your home or any other venue of your choice, providing that it will be quiet and relaxing.

Click here to read more about me, my qualifications and what makes me so passionate about helping others through hypnosis!




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