What is easibirthing®?

To start with, I would like to share a bit of background information on why I am so passionate and intrigued by easy birthing; I grew up in a family of 7, my mum had twins. At that time, I was very young and could not help hearing my mother’s pain in the next room and wishing I could do something to help her. During my training in easibirthing sessions, I read about the fear of childbirth called tokophobia and how many girls grow up with this fear of giving birth. Even though I was worried at the time of my own pregnancies, I myself was fortunate to have 3 natural births. It was painful but I did not need any interventions of doctors, drugs, gas or caesareans. However, what I wish for now, is if only I had known of easibirthing then, I could have cherished those moments of giving birth and would have been more calmconfident and in control.

To explain in simple terms what a woman’s body goes through in pregnancy, we can look at Dr Grantly Dick Read’s cycle developed in 1933 – he concludes that what was missing in every easy, comfortable birth was fear. Fear causes the arteries leading to the uterus to constrict in pain but, when there is no fear, these muscles actually relax. When a woman is fearful and the negative messages she has received about birth are processed as real, her body sends messages that it is not safe to go into labour, so her body subconsciously fights the process. The anxiety and fear cause the fight or flight mechanism to kick in, causing further problems and, in extreme cases, this can lead to medical intervention being needed, such as caesareans.

The easibirthing hypnotherapeutic technique can help the woman to enter a state of deep relaxation and replace any negative ideas or fears about birth with positive affirmations within her subconscious. This leads to a positive and low-stress birth. I am also able to work with couples to ensure that neither partner is creating stress or anxiety around the birth which could lead to negative outcomes.

All treatment is carried out by a professional who holds a CHBPP qualification, the only hypnosis for childbirth qualification in the UK which is independently accredited by the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. Easibirthing® is a registered trademark and only fully qualified practitioners like myself are permitted to use it.

Caring Therapies will support you throughout your pregnancy right up until your labour day!