Who Are You?

Hi, my name is Irsha and I am the company director of  Caring Therapies. I chose this name for my business as, over the years, many people I have met or worked with have said to me, “You are so caring!” So I thought- I have people say it so often, I might as well call my company Caring Therapies!

Employment and experiences

To tell you a bit about my background experience; I used to be an interpreter and a secretary for a law firm and I also studied fashion in London! I then decided to move away from London, as life there was hectic and people were rushing around, not to mention too many cars and too much traffic. I then choose to move to Nottingham. My kids were young at that time but, when I had the opportunity, I became a Textiles Tutor in the local community. This was when I realised that my passion was more about helping the people in the community. So I decided to help out even more through a local charity organisation. Over the next few years, I helped homeless women and children living in refuges, I talked to young teenagers who were in trouble in schools and I also worked with a range of different schools and colleges to help other young people. I even became a childline counsellor with the NSPCC and a victim support volunteer. I did so much for the community that I was voted the Nottingham Evening Post’s person of the week and an article was written about me with my picture in the Nottingham Evening Post newspaper! I then went on to work for Connections as a personal advisor AND also had the privilege of working with the elderly in their homes.

Why I became a hypnotherapist?

Throughout my time working in the community, what I found was that a lot of the people I worked with, from young to elderly, were under a lot of stress and I just wanted to find a natural cure for these stress symptoms. I wished I could wave a magic wand and make everyone’s stress go away, but that was not going to happen; so I studied hypnotherapy. After reading about hypnotherapy and the amazing potential it has to help us overcome so many problems, I decided to learn this skill myself and become a hypnotherapist.

I really enjoyed the course and found it amazing how our bodies can learn to relax by using simple techniques and positive affirmations. I eventually qualified and became a member of the General Hypnotherapy Council.

But I didn’t stop there! Something that had particularly amazed me during my training was the easibirthing techniques for pregnant women; how it could turn a pregnant woman’s life around and lead to a safe, comfortable and easy birth. So, after completing and passing another course, I became a member of the National College of Hypnosis & Psychotherapy and a qualified birthing practitioner.

However, whilst my speciality is easibirthing®, I have worked with a number of people with a variety of symptoms, and so I am confident and comfortable in helping to treat a range of different issues such as anxiety disorders, pain management, depression, smoking, and other relaxation related problems, to name a few.