Roohi Rahman

This is a testimonial for Irsha’s Caringtherapies.

I came to Irsha after suffering racist abuse at my workplace which put a lot of mental train on me. Teaching is already a stressful jjob and if you do not feel supported by your head then it becomes a daily uphill struggle. At the end I had to make the decision to leave to which I was ‘thanked’ that I didn’t go ‘off sick’ and be a financial burden on the school (which I would never do as I am not that way inclined).

The lovely and caring Irsha introduced me to her mindfulness therapy and helped me put the pieces back in place and made me stronger then I was before. I was able to take the decision to leave and take a leap of faith and set up my tuition centre. I have had positive people helping me along the way as when you walk away from negative people, you suddenly find new positive energgy waiting for you!

I can’t thank Irsha enough and would recommend her mindfulness therapy to anyone struggling with any issue that’s affecting them mentally. Irsha deals with positive energy and calmness. Her therapies include fighting addiction, diet control, depression, any loss or change of direction that might be affecting you.

Thank you Irsha x