S. Reeveley

“This is a recommendation of the fantastic work of Irsha Tariq who has an amazing business giving Mindfulness and meditation support called Caring Therapies.

I just wanted to share a quick note to let you know that you do a really good job. The service I used from Irsha was the 1-2-1 personal recording that I can listen to repeatedly as I feel the need to depending on how I’m feeling.

We had an initial consultation where I was asked questions and gave my personal
information regarding my situation.

Irsha made me feel relaxed and she was extremely easy to talk to, and I felt that she genuinely cared about my challenge and really wanted to help me overcome it. My personal issue was with alcohol, I had this terrible temptation that as soon as I opened a bottle of wine I just had to drink more that I wanted to, my goal is to be able to limit myself to only drink one glass of wine a day and not have the need to drink half a bottle which happened regularly or a full bottle which happened sometimes and then makes me feel really upset with myself and my lack of self-control.

I now have an amazing personal recording that I listen to before I go to sleep and it has really worked well for me, I am in control of how much I drink and I can now regularly set limits and stick to them, not only has her service helped with the drinking it has also helped in other areas of my life too such as confidence and exercise.

I was incredibly pleased with the personal service I received, her voice on the
recording sounds lovely and I have had friends of mine who have also gone on to use her services too.

I felt the price I paid for the service was really good as the one off cost is great but I get to keep my personal recording forever and I can continue to use it, if my circumstance change or I have a different issue with anything in the future I know I can also go back to her for her to record me a new one that is relevant for that particular time.

My life and how I view drinking alcohol have improved as a result from
using Irsha. So, I just wanted to say Thank You.”